Suffering from Bladder Cancer?
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Patient Advocates

PATIENT SUPPORT, LLC was founded to help people get help and compensation for the injuries they suffered due to a pharmaceutical drug that has injured them. We want to offer patients an even playing field against the giants who are controlling the pharmaceutical companies and the health of our citizens. An integral part of our teams consists of patient support advocates who are caring people that will talk to each of you individually and at your convenience.

All of our patient support advocates who work with people who have been injured by Actos are people who themselves or a member of their family have been diagnosed with cancer. Because of this, these advocates are especially sensitive to your personal needs. Our support advocates have spoken to hundreds of people who have been diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking actos and have helped them. Advocates are trained to find you a way to get the compensation you deserve for the injuries you sustained and to guide you to get the medical assistance no matter where you live.

Our patient advocates are familiar with the injuries you can suffer from actos as well as up-to-date medical facts about actos. Books and other information are available to help you through this time. On the legal side, Patient Advocates are familiar and in contact with many Law Firms throughout the country that are specializing in helping actos victims. Once you contact our Patient Advocate, they will take immediate steps to have a Law Firm that can help you contact you on the same day. There is no cost for a case evaluation and no obligation.


People that have been diagnosed with cancer have many important thoughts and questions. It is very overwhelming and we can help. Our mission is to help the most people that we can with the most understanding that we can. That is why all of our patient advocates are people who have been themselves or have had a family member who is a victim of cancer. Advocates can help you in getting the best medical treatment available and suggest excellent leading medical facilities throughout the country. All of the support is individualized as we realize that each person has their own story to tell; however, every one of the patients we help in this area have one very important thing in common; they have cancer from taking a drug we consider very dangerous, Actos. We also want to advise as many people as possible NOT to take actos and to ask your doctor for a substitute that can be used without the danger that actos presents to you. Actos greatly increases a patient’s chance of getting bladder cancer and our mission is to stop this drug from being on the market and injuring people and to help people already injured to seek the compensation they deserve.

Patient advocates can also suggest well respected Law Firms who we consider experts in the actos litigation to help you get compensation you deserve such as for medical costs and pain and suffering, loss of income and other damages. The most influential law firms are oftentimes not easily accessible to speak with you right away; however, our experienced Advocates can cut through the red tape and get you to speak with acclaimed law firms the same day you contact us. These firms will evaluate your case at no charge. At times there can be financial assistance available to help you get back on your feet while you are getting medical treatment or waiting for funds from a lawsuit.


The first step towards getting the help and the answers you or your family members need is to call one of our patient support advocates at our toll-free phone number. Advocates are available every day to talk to you, even on the weekends and all calls are confidential. Most importantly, you will speak with someone devoted to helping you and someone who has the information needed to help you in your time of need. We try to help you and your family from being overwhelmed.

Our support advocates are trained in finding you a way to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries without trying to figure everything out alone which oftentimes is an overwhelming task especially when you are not your strongest because your health is not at its best. We have free resources, free patient support help, up-to-date medical information and legal options for you. Many patients wonder if they are able to get compensation for the suffering and financial losses they have incurred. We can have one of National Law Firms that is in the forefront of the actos litigation call you to help you determine your legal options and can help you no matter where you live. We are working on this project nationally because so many people throughout the United States are victims. Because every state has what is known as a Statute of Limitations which bars recovery for all time if you wait too long, you need help as soon as possible so that you don’t inadvertently waive your rights for this injury. IN A NUTSHELL - We can have an actos law firm call you today to help you and your family to seek recovery right away. Please call today and let us help you. We will help you to seek justice and not be a victim of the pharmaceutical company who injured you.

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